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2023 Workshop: Accessing CEDAR science databases

Long title
Tutorials and user feedback on some of the major databases of CEDAR science
Bill Rideout
Evan Thomas
Ivan Galkin
Robin Barnes

In this session, representatives from some of the larger databases will be presenting brief tutorials on accessing their databases, as long as looking for user feedback. The conveners will cover CEDAR Madrigal, SuperDARN, GIRO, and SuperMAG, and other talks will be encouraged.


Accessing CEDAR data can still be a challenge, and this session is designed to improve knowledge of the existing sources, and to seek improvements for the future. Also this session will discuss the latest NSF and FAIR data requirements, and how data providers can meet them.

Related to CEDAR Science Thrusts:
Fuse the knowledge base across disciplines in the geosciences
Manage, mine, and manipulate geoscience/geospace data and models
Data access, reproducibility, user interfaces