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LASP interactive solar irradiance data center

(e.g., solar radio flux, solar spectral irradiance datasets, sunspot datasets)

US Space Weather Prediction Center NOAA 

(e.g., current and forecast space weather including Kp, proton flux, X-ray. GIC)

Solar radio flux Government of Canada  

(e.g., F10.7)

World data Center for Geomagnetism, Kyoto

(e.g., AE, Dst, Kp, international Q- and D-days, IGRF main field model, ionospheric conductivity model using MSIS and IRI)

GFZ German Research Centre for Geoscience

(e.g., Kp, ap, Cp, C9, Q- and D-days, F10.7, Solar sunspot number)

NASA Space Physics Data Facility OMNIWeb Plus  

(e.g., solar wind data, interplanetary magnetic field, solar wind plasma, indices,proton flux)

SuperMAG APL magnetic indices  

(e.g., SuperMag auroral electrojet indices, SuperMag ring current indices, solar wind parameters)