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NASA Community Coordinated Modeling Center CCMC: with model catalog  covering atmospheric, ionospheric, magnetospheric models, gravity and geopotential models, geomagnetic main field models, solar and interplanetary space models, planetary models (run on request, instant run, archive of runs)

AMGeO: tool for implementing data assimilation analysis within the Assimilative Mapping of Ionospheric Electrodynamics (AMIE) Contact

Analysator: an analysis tool for Vlasiator, a 6D Vlasov theory-based simulation for near-Earth plasma processes

GLOW: Global airglow and auroral model (contact Stan Solomon)

Lowtran: model atmospheric absorption, transmission, radiance, scattering from LWIR to EUV

OvationPyme: Python version of OVATION Prime 2010

pyAMPS: A Python interface for the Average Magnetic field and Polar current System (AMPS) model

pyForecastTools: A Python package providing implementations of a wide variety of metrics for model validation and forecast verification

PyGlow: IRI, MSIS, HWM, IGRF in Python

Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model -eXtended (WACCM-X): community model  from the ground to the ionosphere-thermosphere.

Thermosphere-Ionosphere Electrodynamics General Circulation Model TIE-GCM: community model with user guide & model description

3-D FDTD raytracing model, simultaneously simulating all frequencies (contact Bob Marshall)

GEMINI-3D: time-dependent physics-based high-resolution ionosphere model (contact Matt Zettergren)

SAMI3: a first-principles, low-to mid-latitude ionosphere-plasmasphere model

Whole Atmosphere Model (WAM) contact Tim Fuller-Rowell (ground to thermsopehere)

Ionosphere Plasmasphere Electrodynamics (IPE)  (contact Naomi Maruyama)

GITM Global Ionosphere Thermosphere Model (contact Aaron Ridley and Yue Deng)

Space Weather Modeling Framework and BatRUS

MAGE geospace model  (contact Slava Merkin)