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CEDAR Science Steering Committee (CSSC)

Screenshot of a zoom meeting
Fall 2021 Steering Committee zoom meeting.

The CEDAR Science Steering Committee (CSSC), formerly known as the CEDAR Steering Committee (CSC), has been in existence since 1987. The CSSC is responsible for periodic checks on the community science progress and direction, in coordination with the CEDAR community. The CSSC organizes the scientific content of the annual CEDAR Workshop and connects with other programs.

The CSSC meetings are not open to the public, but the CSSC welcomes any input from the CEDAR community by contacting the current CSSC members.

The CSSC supports the development of CEDAR strategic documents


"The steering committee's role is to help the community do what it wants to do, rather than to tell it what to do."

— G. Romick


Current CSSC Members

picture of Mark Conde
Mark Conde

mgconde at

University of Alaska Fairbanks

Chair, year 2 of 3

Picture of Angeline Burrell
Angeline Burrell

angeline.burrell at

Naval Research Laboratory

year 2 of 3

Photo of Tzu-Wei
Tzu-Wei Fang

Tzu-Wei.Fang at


year 3 of 3

Headshot of Nathaniel
Nathaniel Frissel

nathaniel.fressell at

University of Scranton

1 of 3

Headshot of Frederico
Frederico Gasperini

frederico.gasperini at

Orion Sapce Sol.

1 of 3

Photo of Lindsay
Lindsay Goodwin

lindsay.v.goodwin at

New Jersey Institute of Technology

year 3 of 3

Picture of Katie Greer
Katelynn Greer

katelynn.greer at

University of Colorado, LASP

year 2 of 3

Default staff image
Kristina Lynch

Kristina.A.Lynch at


1 of 3

headshot of Andrew Pepper
Andrew Pepper

ampeppe at

Clemson University, student representative

year 2 of 2

Headshot of Sophie
Sophie Phillips

srphil10 at

ASU, student representative

1 of 2

Headshot of Danny
Danny Scipion

dscipion at

Jicamarca Radio Observatory/Instituto Geofisico del Peru

1 of 3

Headshot of Titus Yuan
Titus Yuan

titus.yuan at

Utah State University

year 2 of 3

Photo of Jia
Jia Yue

jia.yue at


year 3 of 3

Photo of Matthew
Matthew Zettergren

zettergm at

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

year 3 of 3

Photo of Ying
Ying Zou

ying.zou at

University of Alabama, Huntsville, GEM liaison

year 3 of 3

picture of Tai-Yin Huang
Tai-Yin Huang

thuang at


Aeronomy ex-officio representative

Photo of Alan
Alan Liu

zhualiu at


Aeronomy ex-officio representative

headshot of Liying Qian
Liying Qian


CEDAR Co-PI, ex-officio representative

Default staff image
Shikha Raizada

sraizada at


Aeronomy ex-officio representative