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Instrument Simulation

SimISR: Simulate an incoherent scatter radar

ISRSpectrum: Creates an incoherent scatter spectra given a set of plasma parameters.Data Analysis and File Utilities

AIRtools: canonical library of data inversion for ill-posed, ill-conditioned problems

CDFlib: a pure Python module for reading and writing NASA CDF files

pyLTR: a Python learning-to-rank (LTR) toolkit

pysatCDF: a Python module for reading NASA CDF files

Coordinate Utilities

AACGM-v2: Altitude Adjusted Corrected Geomagnetic Coordinates (C, IDL, Python)

apexpy: a Python interface for Apex and Quasi-dipole coordinates

OCBpy: A Python module that grids data in AACGM coordinates relative to the open-closed field line boundary (OCB)

pyMap3D: Coordinate conversion between many types of 3-D coordinate systems

OMMBV: a Python module that calculates unit vectors in magnetic field-aligned, meridional, and zonal directions

Tsyganenko: a Python wrapper for the Tsyganenko model for tracing magnetospheric field lines


JPLEphem: ephemeris package that predicts the position and velocity of a planet or other body

SPICE: A toolkit for satellite mission support (C, FORTRAN, IDL, MATLAB)

SpiceyPy: a Python implementation of the SPICE toolkit

PyEphem: a Python package based on XEphem that allows users to determine the position of astronomical and artificial satellites

SGP4: Determines satellite position and velocity using two-line element data

skyfield: Computes positions for stars, planets, and Earth-orbiting satellites in a variety of coordinate systems (Python)

XEphem: An astronomical ephemeris software package (C)


AstroPy: A core python package for astronomy, contains file handling, computational, and analytical tools that can be relevant to space physics research

geospacepy: A small libarary of Python functions used for space science data analysis

SpacePy: A magnetosphere-focused data analysis tool kit that includes empirical models, statistical analysis tools, data handling tools, and more in Python

SunPy: A solar physics Python package that provides a comprehensive data analysis environment, including data acquisition, analysis, and plotting

PlasmaPy: A Python toolkit for plasma physics