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Winter night

We are a community studying the space-atmosphere interaction region.


Our Mission

CEDAR’s mission is to understand the fundamental properties of the space-atmosphere interaction region; identify the interconnected processes that define the local and global behavior, the evolution, and influence on the SunEarth system; and to explore their predictability.

The mission of CEDAR is continuously evolving to anticipate the next generation of scientific breakthroughs and foster cross-disciplinary activities by exploring connections between CEDAR science and other disciplines.


Planet Earth's edge seen from ISS

We study the space-atmosphere interaction region.

People in front of a poster

Students are an integral part of CEDAR success.

Night sky with tees and aurora borealis

Meet the people guiding the community.

Group of 5 young people

CEDAR's goal is to be welcoming and provide the means so that everybody benefits from the workshop and from the CEDAR science community.

Crane building a science dish

Access CEDAR tutorials, database, and useful links to do science.  CEDAR Resources page is under development.


Polar Aeronomy summer school class of 2001

CEDAR was founded in 1986 to serve the upper atmosphere science community.